Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lecture snack

Sneaked into my friend's lecture for his part-time IT degree. The lecture was on program design in Object Oriented Programming - something I was familiar with so it was a refreshing touch. The bunch of us passed notes around... damn it was so secondary school.

In the middle of talk about Classes and instances....

Me to Jeff:
Why does he (the chinese lecturer) speak like an indian?!

His ex-company is full of indians. he hated them and quit and became lecturer.
Jeff: The one in fifth row is husband and wife team

H and W? Serious?

The bald one?

Jeff: you see he keep nodding off. going to sleep soon

Jeff: Oi, the one on fifth row wear turban one suitable for Jiayuan

Me: (drew a middle finger)

We left after an hour of the lecture when everyone stopped for a break.

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