Saturday, April 7, 2007

I am a serial rapist!

One of the ex-temps of 2006 came to visit our department the other day. One of our managers adoringly refer to him as 'the temp of the year' who stayed back late to help out in the operations, and so naturally I was expecting some over-enthusiastic fella with a ready smile for every of the people in the cubicle farm.

But noooooooo. The fella couldn't seem to be bothered with pleasantries. He has the Jay Chou kind of face: the type you want to punch at first sight lah.

He wouldn't look you in the eye when introduced, and had snappy responses with every joke the office staff tried to crack with him.

When the manager jokingly asked him how come the rest of us weren't bothered to exchange small talk with him, he said that that was because he was some serial rapist.

Who goes around calling himself a serial rapist?!

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