Thursday, February 8, 2007


To quote:

"I fuck up, I say nabeh cheebye, and start over again and again and again."

That's from BlinkyMummy, one of those Singaporean bloggers you probably heard of if you have kaypoh-ed within the Singapore blogosphere. That line was found her blogger profile, but she has ever since removed it, not that I know why since I don't frequent her writings that often.

And yes, I remembered that particular line from her blog, because I could relate by frequenting fucking up with my life. And also the way she say nahbeh cheebye: ever since my lazy arse entered the workforce a year ago, I haven't gotten myself acquainted with those flowery words, except on occassions when I'm hanging out with those couple of friends and when writing angsty blog entries, or lamenting to friends and the ex-colleague how nbcb the boss can be. But never mind that.

I'm out of job now: left the last one on the 31st Jan 2007, and have been quite idle ever since.

And this is me trying to piece me life back together, as I ponder upon my next step, with a new blog, where I'll probably post more IT articles (no point letting that Diploma in IT go to waste), more arts-related stuff, and of course, documenting my life.

The old one's here (some of you probably hopped over from there, you 'secret admirers' who so often come up to me to and say 'I read your blog!'). Haven't been updating there because I couldn't find myself documenting my existence, attempting to be that working professional in makeup and that atypical collar-shirt from G2000. The older blogs' here, from my happier days as a student, where I don't have to worry much about anything, and where my blog entries were far more creative than it could get now.

3 blogs in 4 years. Indeed. I fucked up, nah beh cheebye!

And this is me trying to over, again.

In the meantime, you all probably can read the male nurse Jonathan, who is updating his blog on a terribly frequent basis, and is pretty famous now. I know alot of my blog readers adore his stuff as well. It's a pity whenever I ask him to attempt to submit his writings to some magazine, he'll say "aiyah, don't need lah" or something along those lines.

Okay, till we meet again. And update your links, hor!

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the nurse said...

aiyah, don't need lah!