Friday, February 9, 2007

The father and I

The father was lamenting about my pay check.

Dad: You pay peanuts, you get monkey!

Me: But we're in this country where peanuts are worth alot leh.

Dad: Well, that one is a different kind of monkey.


Me: Let's go for supper.

Dad: Ah! Don't want lah. Just now I eat so much already. Later grow fat.

Me: You grow fat never mind lah.

Dad: You want me to be fat, so you wouldn't feel so bad about yourself, right.

Me: Wah lao.


Charizzzle said...

i liked him already.

Charizzzle said...

oh my God, that was the typo of all typos.

Jiayuan said...

Indeed! What have you been doing to my father!

Charizzzle said...

EH! At least i didn't misspell it as "licked"!